Welcome to Xtreme Justice League
Violent crime in San Diego is getting out of control! The purpose of the Xtreme Justice League (XJL) is to STOP violent street crime through prevention, intervention, and community outreach. The XJL also serves as a means to prevent at-risk youth from getting involved in gangs, drugs and crime.

Some ways we achieve our purpose and mission:

  • We conduct safety patrols through crime-ridden areas to act as eyes and ears for the police.
  • We raise awareness of crime and safety related issues by passing out flyers and doing media campaigns.
  • We assist the homeless by providing food, water and referrals to shelters.
  • We physically intervene and protect people that are being victimized by crime and violence.
  • We try to serve as a training center for new people trying to get involved in the Real Life Superhero community.

"A society that loses it's sense of outrage is doomed for extinction." - Judge Edwin Torres

Dedicated to the memories of Kitty Genovese, James (Pop 'N' Fresh) Richards, Willie James Jones, Jessica Lundsford, Amber Dubois, Chelsea King, and all other victims of violent crime and senseless violence.