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About Xtreme Justice League
The Xtreme Justice League was founded in 2006 by San Diego superhero Mr. Xtreme. The Xtreme Justice League was formed to take a proactive stance against violent crime and to empower the community to get involved.

Our Goals:

  • To stop violent crime in San Diego and save lives.

  • To raise awareness about violent crime issues in San Diego.

  • To provide positive role models for youth.

  • To promote unity and networking within the Real-Life Superhero community.

  • To work with and network with other community groups with similar goals.

  • To assist law enforcement agencies by reporting suspicious activity and       sometimes apprehending criminals.

  • To spark outrage about violent crime issues in the community.

  • To pressure public officials and law enforcement management to increase their efforts pertaining to violent crime in the community.

  • To educate and empower the public on how to get involved.

  • To serve as a training and educational resource for new XJL chapters, younger RLSHs, and other community watch groups.

  • To mobilize and assist communities to reduce violent crime.

  • To provide at-risk youth an alternative to gangs, drugs and criminal lifestyles.

  • To promote tolerance, non-violence, compassion, heroism, volunteerism, unity and self-defense.

  • To promote Truth, Justice, and the Xtreme American Way.

  • To promote the concept of the Superhero in real life.

  • To express disgust and outrage against the violent victimization of innocent people and general public apathy, indifference, and laziness surrounding violent crime.

  • To assist the homeless and needy by providing food, water and referrals.

  • To outreach to the public by raising awareness through media campaigns and passing out flyers.

  • To have fun making a difference and serving the community.

Make a difference and stop violent crime! Join us as an XJL Costumed Crime Fighter today!