Frequently Asked Questions
1.What is a Real-Life Superhero?

Answer: A Real-Life Superhero or RLSH is an individual that is inspired by comic book superheroes. This person takes that inspiration and applies it to real life activism. The RLSH seeks to inspire and act as a symbol for good by performing heroic deeds while in a superhero themed costume and persona.

2.Is the Xtreme Justice League a vigilante group?

Answer: Absolutely not! We are not vigilantes. A vigilante is an individual that punishes criminals and violates their civil rights. We do not punish criminals. We work with the police if a crime is committed. We only use force as a last resort. We only use force in self-defense of ourselves or an innocent person.

3.What is the origin of the name “Xtreme Justice League”?

Answer: The name Xtreme Justice League is a combination of the Justice League of America and the Xtreme Football League.

4.What kind of training does your group have?

Answer: Citizen’s arrest, martial arts, basic first aid, conflict resolution and scenario training for patrol situations.

5.How do the police feel about you?

Answer: Our relationship with the police is constantly improving. In San Diego, the officers we come in contact with on our patrols seem to be pretty receptive of us. After we’ve patrolled an area for an extended period of time, we usual get to know the officers on that beat and they seem to welcome us in general (i.e., San Diego Gaslamp Quarter on the weekends). We’ve assisted the police numerous times in the Gaslamp and the officers appreciate the help most of the time. Whenever we start patrolling in a new area, it takes quite a bit more outreach and effort to develop rapport. Police management tend not to be supportive of our efforts. They’ll either label us as a vigilante group or just not want to comment about us when asked.

6.Are you thrill seekers? Do you want to get into fights with villains on the street?

Answer: Absolutely not! We do not do this for thrills or want to fight anyone. We are against violence. We patrol to prevent and stop violence. We never want to see anyone getting hurt and we do not want to get into a situation at all if it can be avoided. We would much rather talk a potentially volatile situation down then have to get physically involved. A slow and boring night on patrol is a good night for us.

7.Do you carry weapons on patrol?

Answer: Yes and no. Some of our members carry weapons on patrol and some do not. The XJL allows their members to carry legal less lethal weapons on patrol. It is up to each individual member on whether or not they want to carry a weapon on patrol for self-defense. Firearms and deadly weapons are prohibited from being carried. Any self-defense weapons to be carried on patrol are subject to approval by the chapter leader and/or XJL Leadership Committee.

8.Are you accountable?

Answer: Yes. We are private citizens and are subject to the same laws as everyone else. We have no special powers of search or arrest.

9.What would you guys do if you saw someone raping, robbing or trying to kill someone on patrol?

Answer: We would physically intervene, protect the victim from further harm, make a citizen’s arrest if it’s safe to do so, and call 9-1-1.